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Unlock the full potential of eCommerce for your business

Experience Management strategies like drop ship, marketplace, and supply chain visibility allow retailers and brands to offer a wider selection of products, pivot quickly to meet changes in demand, and unlock new revenue streams. Logicbroker’s unique B2B and D2C offerings give manufacturers and retailers a single source of truth for their supply chain, yielding exceptional customer experiences, uncapped growth, increased revenue, and unmatched eCommerce visibility. Let us help your organization achieve Supply Chain Excellence.

Count on solid, consistent, measurable results

Increase in Drop Ship Sales
National Grocery Chain
Increase in Vendors
Running Shoes &
Fitness Apparel
Average Increase in YOY AOV
Enterprise Customers
Increase in Orders & GMV
Industry Leaders
Reduction in Program Cost
Online Apparel Retailer

Move up to 3 full-time employees to more productive work

Connecting with new suppliers, retailers, and systems on your own takes heavy lifting, often involving IT, business, and operations. Logicbroker streamlines integration, onboarding, and data validation, freeing up precious staff and IT time.

Maximize your speed to value

Logicbroker’s format-agnostic approach means you can quickly, seamlessly migrate or integrate new suppliers, so orders start flowing in weeks not months. Get ready to see increased sales and average order volume (AOV) as your assortment expands.

Future-proof your drop ship, marketplace, and supply chain programs

To scale, you need a platform that’s designed to handle complexity. With Logicbroker, you can add limitless new trading partners and process large order volumes without sacrificing performance.

Change your strategy without changing platforms

Logicbroker is the only platform that supports B2B and D2C drop ship, marketplace, and supply chain visibility at scale, giving you the flexibility and functionality you need to innovate as your goals and the eCommerce landscape change.

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study on Logicbroker

Logicbroker delivers real ROI for enterprises

A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study

This study of five retail organizations makes the case for investing in Logicbroker. Our platform represented an average net present value of $5.1 million over three years, for an ROI of 547%.

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In our research, one of Logicbroker’s other clients, who we reached out to for a reference, gave us the feedback that Logicbroker was a partner, not just a service provider. I could not agree more. [Logicbroker] has a strong ‘we are one team’ mentality and are responsive and supportive. I look forward to what the future brings.

Jennifer Raber

Director, Retail Digital Business Enablement

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