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Power drop ship and marketplace fulfillment at scale within a single platform

Logicbroker connects your eCommerce supply chain with a cloud-based platform that combines robust functionality with unmatched connectivity, speed, and performance. B2B, D2C, drop ship or marketplace, we can handle it all.

Connect with any trading partner, in any format

Our platform speaks your language—and everyone else’s. The Logicbroker API allows you to connect and communicate through the entire order lifecycle with any vendor, seller or 3PL, regardless of their integration type: API, EDI, XML, CSV, JSON, and more.  

Quickly integrate with your existing eCommerce tech stack

Logicbroker links to the platforms that keep your business running, with native system connections to Salesforce, Shopify, NetSuite, and more, and a team of experts with deep experience in custom integrations.

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Scale, scale, and scale some more, with unmatched performance

Scale your eCommerce program with Logicbroker

With Logicbroker at your core, you can connect with unlimited vendors and channels, process large order volumes, and integrate with new systems without ever losing speed or performance. No matter how complex your program, transactions flow cleanly and securely between your systems and those of your vendors and sellers. Our system automatically validates and alerts your vendors to any errors on their side, providing an optimal customer experience.

Get total visibility and automation into your supply chain

Get visibility and automation into your supply chain with Logicbroker

Logicbroker leads with automation, but our intuitive web portal also gives you visibility and control. Manage and monitor the full order lifecycle, set up product and inventory feeds, minimize errors and defects, and quickly find the data you need with our powerful Omnisearch tool. Built-in vendor score cards, compliance tools, alerts, and notifications help you ensure that your customers get a great experience every time.

Grow with confidence, knowing your data is secure

Grow your eCommerce program with confidence, knowing your data is secure

To run an eCommerce program efficiently and sustainably, you need airtight security and compliance. All data in Logicbroker is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and we are both GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Use reporting and analytics to fine tune your program

Logicbroker's reporting and analytics helps fine tune your program

Reporting is available with all subscriptions, with an option to add on more advanced capabilities, including vendor monitoring, demand planning, growth tracking, and other customizable reports to help you optimize your programs.

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Logicbroker was the only solution we found that offered enough functionality to be the sole touch point for our vendors. Personally, I have made some great business contacts and friends through Logicbroker, they are a wonderful company with great people!

Rose Hunter

Senior Manager of Vendor Support at BBQGuys

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Logicbroker's data is encrypted both in transit and at rest to ensure sensitive information is protected every step of the way. As an added layer of protection, we also offer PGP encryption.

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