20th November 2015
etc.venues St Paul's, London, UK

Connected organisations: why we need communities of practice and how to help them succeed

Emily Webber Tacit

Session type: Experience Report
Session duration: 45 minutes

About this Experience Report

Communities of practice are a great way for organisations to support ongoing learning for their own advantage and that of their employees.

In this session, Emily will talk about how communities of practice support learning, break down silos, support knowledge sharing, help create better practices and result in happier staff.

She will talk you through her own experiences of building and growing communities within organisations and give you some practical advice to get going on building your own.

About the Speaker

Emily Webber is a London-based independent agile and lean consultant. She works with organisations in both the private and public sector to help with their agile transformations and to develop their agile capability for sustainable change.

She was previously at Government Digital Service where she was the Head of Agile Delivery, leading the team of Agile delivery professionals that were delivering services for citizens.

Emily is passionate about agile, communities, organisational learning and skills development. She co-runs a meet-up called Agile on the Bench, blogs at emilywebber.co.uk and has a weak spot for vintage scooters.