20th November 2015
etc.venues St Paul's, London, UK

There is no secret sauce

Ben Williams Neuri Consulting
Tom Roden Neuri Consulting

Session type: Session
Session duration: 30 minutes

About this Session

If you apply agile methods verbatim then you will end up without portfolio management, essentially no risk mitigation and no steering of multi-million dollar investment portfolios. We might be tempted to retain our traditional portfolio management structure and process.

Just adding 'agile' to the front of a function, does not magically conjure up agility, this is equally true for portfolio management. In fact traditional practices will actually inhibit the agility that teams may have managed to carve out. There is no secret sauce to make portfolio management work effectively for agile deliveries, you already have all the ingredients at our command.

Ben and Tom will show you how to unite the principles of portfolio management with the principles of lean and agile. They are combined to form a comprehensive toolkit, that is proven to safeguard investors money in environments at scale and with regulation.

You will take away concepts including, Staff Liquidity, Lean Governance, Ranged Planning, Impact Metrics & Benefits as well as how to apply linked assumptions to test your investment decisions.

About the Speakers

Ben Williams

Ben Williams is a product development and organisational change consultant. Ben helps organisations deliver real business value, consistently and faster.

Applying a wide range of tools and techniques drawn predominantly from agile and lean disciplines, Ben coaches teams and leaders to appraise and refine their work systems


Tom Roden

Tom Roden is a software delivery consultant, coach and quality enthusiast, helping teams and people make the changes needed to successfully adapt to the changing demands of their environment.

He helps teams deliver business impacts through the rapid delivery of high quality software, supporting ongoing improvement through process and practice refinement, influenced by agile and lean principles.

Tom specialises in transformation, scaling agile practice and agile testing, from test management and strategy, through to practitioner approaches such as specification by example, BDD and context driven testing.