20th November 2015
etc.venues St Paul's, London, UK

5 Rules for Unlocking Team Potential

Eben Halford BeAgile Ltd

Session type: Session
Session duration: 45 minutes

About this Session

A good team produces more than the sum of its parts.

In this talk Eben will look at over 20 years of evidence based research, what it says about teams, and the enabling factors needed to get productivity gains claimed for them.

This session will look at what makes teams different from groups, structures that enable teams, team motivation, organisational context and finally, appropriate team coaching and intervention models.

Eben will round off the talk by giving attendees access to a free online tool for teams and their leaders to diagnose any potential weakness in their team structure and environment.

About the Speaker

Eben Halford is an Executive and Organisational Change Coach with over 20 years experience in the IT Industry. After leaving University Eben found himself working in Europe's first Internet Cafe and hasn't looked back since.

Working with companies from startup to FTSE100 global corporations in a diverse range of industries from Finance to Advertising and many more in between. During this period Eben has held a range of positions from programmer to CTO.

Eben now coaches change at the portfolio, program and team level with a focus on leadership and effective teamwork primarily within a service delivery context