20th November 2015
etc.venues St Paul's, London, UK

Agile Product Roadmaps

Roman Pichler Pichler Consulting Limited

Session type: Session
Session duration: 45 minutes

About this Session

A product roadmap is a high-level plan that shows how a product is likely to grow over time.

While roadmaps are a very useful tool, applying them in an agile context is challenging: How can we create a realistic roadmap when markets and technologies change frequently and unexpectedly? How can we build a longer-term plan when agile teams commit to no more than four weeks? How do the product roadmap and the product backlog relate? Do they compete with or complement each other?

This talk shows how you can successfully use product roadmaps in an agile context. It answers the questions above and it introduces a goal-oriented, agile product roadmap, which combines shared goals and key features into a strategic plan.

About the Speaker

Roman is a leading product management expert specialising in agile and lean practices. He teaches product managers and product owners and helps companies establish an effective product management organisation.

Roman is also the author of Agile Product Management with Scrum; he has created several product management tools; and he writes a popular blog for product people.