20th November 2015
etc.venues St Paul's, London, UK

Coaching Served Two Ways

Dan Brown

Session type: Experience Report
Session duration: 60 minutes

About this Experience Report

Most Agile and Kanban coaches are experts in their field after having gained experience as practitioners in Agile and Kanban. But how much emphasis is put on learning the skills of coaching itself?

I am a Kanban and Agile coach, but I also coach an Under 14s Rugby team at my local club. This session is about what we can learn about coaching from other fields such as sport, and bring back to the office to the benefit of all of our teams. I was surprised how much they have in common, and you might be too...

About the Speaker

Dan Brown is a Kanban and Agile Coach and Teacher. He specialises in coaching people to adopt kanban systems and agile practices, in all sizes of organisation.

He particularly likes to use learning games and exercises to enable learning. He is an Accredited Kanban Trainer with the Lean Kanban University.